New year, and always new print designs and inspirations.

 With the beginning of the new year, we first want to share that every month we will launch new print designs and collections on our website. Life is a Mesh is the place for those who are looking for inspiration and we work every day for it - stay tuned.
 NEW IN: Nature’s Decay
nature's decay print design collection

With the growing awareness of environmental problems, aspects such as pollution, loss of biodiversity and global warming continue to be a huge threat to our environment. As a consequence, inequalities become more intense, conflicts emerge and climate change threatens our lifestyles. So it is important and necessary to find solutions for a common goal: sustainability.

The textile industry is particularly guilty for its negative environmental impact. We strive to be different by only offering fabrics made from recycled materials. Recycling allows us to move towards a circular economy that reduces the consumption of polluting sources, such as fossil fuels. As a result, CO2 emissions and water consumption are dramatically lowered and new life is given to existing raw materials. Especially those that are not biodegradable, and which would otherwise stay as waste on our planet.

The biggest challenge for this industry is to guide the consumer towards a more conscious consumption behaviour and for that reason, we invite you to see this new year 2021, as a year of change, a change in mentality and habits that promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

 Life is a Mesh launches this mini collection of four new print designs called “Nature’s Decay”. As much as we are fighting for change and making progress with sustainable practices, there is still a lot of work to do. This collection appears as a reminder of the urgency for this change. With muted earthy tones, we want to stay close to nature, but are reminded of its vulnerability with the darkness of the palette, and the fine lines of the drawings. The rough brush strokes represent the chaos that we are in, but in that chaos is hope, change is happening. Let’s work together to build a better future, and save our planet.

  nature's decay print design in upholstery

nature's decay print design in baby newborn

nature's decay print design in accessories

nature's decay print design in home interior

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