Make your brand sustainable and stylish with us.

Recycled Fabric
per meter

Shop our recycled fabrics printed with any pattern design, ours or yours, or plain colours, without minimum order quantities.
We have a quantity discount policy, meaning more printed fabric you request, less you pay.

Pattern designs 

We offer non-exclusive and exclusive pattern designs. We can change colours from our current pattern designs to meet your needs. We also create custom pattern designs according to your requirements and inspirations.

Small productions

We produce small collections for the brands that we partner with. We support you from the beginning: concept, design to production. Examples of products that we produce are: certified face masks, short sleeve shirts, scarves, man and women swimwear, activewear, among other.

To access to our B2B price table or our pattern designs before being published please reach us at

Need inspiration? We have some.

When our recycled fabrics meet our pattern designs.

Create with us infinite possibilities.

When we care. Certified face masks for adults and children.

Create your certified face masks with your design, our design, your logotype, you choose.


When our recycled fabrics meet your pattern designs.

Turn your project real and sustainable.

When we push our creativity further.

Challenge us to create new designs or customised pieces.


When your dream is our dream.

We will dream and create as one.


Let's talk.

We want to provide you the best possible service.
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