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746. Terrazzo in Earth

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Printed recycled fabric

Print this print design on any of our recycled fabrics.

Would you like to receive a sample of this pattern design on one of our fabrics? Reach us at hello@lifeisamesh.com

Download print design

Included file: 1 print design in JPEG

Technique: digital

Size: 25 x 25 cm / 945 x 945 px

Resolution: 300 dpi

Type: in repeat tile / seamless

License: royalty-free ; allows unlimited commercial and personal use for digital and printed products

We do not accept exchanges, since we already printed the fabric according to your order. However if you receive a flawed or damaged order, we are always willing to replace or refund it after 5 working days of your order reception. To start the process email us at hello@lifeisamesh.com including all relevant information along with a photo of the issue and order number if applicable, for quicker processing.

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